In 2015, 600,000 engineering students graduated from 3000+ colleges accross India. 80% of these engineering graduates were unemployable. 480,000 students will not get the jobs they dreamt of. Add to this astounding number, unemployeed engineers from 2013 & 2014 batch. 2016 batch is ready to enter the job market. 4 years of hard work, a few lakhs in education expenses, hopeful parents & no job!! We're making a humble attempt to change this - Make You Employable!


Java training Bangalore

Java Training

Java learnt in college is not sufficient, enterprises need more than just coding skills. We introduce you to concepts which are expected from freshers.

Soft Skills Training Bangalore

Soft Skills

Technical skills alone are not sufficient. You need superb communication skills to convey thoughts not only to during interviews but during client interactions as well.

Life Skills Training Bangalore

Life Skills

Attitude & Personality training makes you a preferred employee, a great colleague, strong ambassador for the organisation & helps accelerate your career growth.